Well, as much as I love this project and am dedicated to it, I am seriously considering putting it on hold until next season. even though I am already more than a hundred hours into planning this year, it may have to wait. I have a meeting with UBC Farm on Thursday and a meeting with a professor about some preparatory research tomorrow, so that may help sway me one way or the other.

The thing is, if I am swayed in favour, then I need to start preparing infrastructure and space for the infrastructure soon. Where will I find the time to do that?!

I have been germ testing and trialling some seeds here at home and have not had great results. My preference for a seed type is the white stripe or confection variety (think baseball games). But the industry standard is the black oil variety. However, the confection varieties have a superior texture, in my opinion and so make a nicer sprout. but they did not germinate well at all in any of my several trials while the black oil germed at 100% in all of them and grew very fast! There may be a difference once I get them into soil (germ testing was done in jars) but I have grown them before and that is how I ended up with confection seeds in the first place. I am trialling another variety from Integrity in Saanich which is where I got my seed from in my previous sprouting endeavours. It’s germ isn’t so great as of yet. So maybe they need to be in soil.

bed time…