Chris has been working in small-scale agriculture for 20 years and growing microgreens for a good portion of that time. For the past six years he has been consulting with and training microgreens growers around the world – helping them set up and run their microgreens business.

Starting and running a microgreens business can be a serious investment in time, money, and energy. But it need not be difficult. The better prepared you are, the easier your start will be.

Chris has a wide range of experience in operating a small-sale microgreens business and call help you with a wide range of topics:

  • Choosing and maintaining infrastructure
  • Growing microgreens and adapting to changes conditions
  • Developing staff training and protocol
  • Developing hygiene and sanitation protocol
  • Marketing and distribution
  • Co-operative development

Chris also has a range of video material available online and Courses. This is the best place to start as it will likely answer 90% of your questions!

But if you’re ready for some more advanced topics, then a consult may be just what you need.

Chris currently does phone consults at $150 for a one-hour session. If you’re serious about growing microgreens you’ll save that amount of money by the end of the phone call. Simple as that. Longer session are available – but it’s best to start with just an hour as it will be overwhelming enough!

On-site Consults are currently not available.

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