Microgreens Crop Planner

Proper crop planning plays a huge role in the success of a microgreens operation. I am happy to finally be able to offer a crop and financial planning tool for small- to mid-scale microgreens operations!

The Microgreens Crop Planner and Enterprise Budget Tool is a powerful spreadsheet that can help with several aspects of your operation including:

  • Setting seasonal sales targets
  • Learning how wages and production speed affect your production costs
  • Weekly crop planning
  • Input and per tray costs and pricing
  • Integrating overhead cost into your budget
  • Planning for farmers markets
  • Annual sales and production summaries by crop
  • And much more!

To view a video overview of the spreadsheet, check it out near the bottom of the page.

You can take a look at the spreadsheet here.

If you think this planning tool is for you (and it will not be for everyone), here are your purchase options:

Pre-filled Template

for a $125,000/year operation (this gets you off to a good start!)

$75 US

Workshop Special

If you purchased my online workshop from Permaculture Voices
you can purchase the pre-filled spreadsheet for $40 here.
(Email me for the password: vancouverurbanmicro@gmail.com)

Template and Consult

Pre-filled Template and 4-hour spreadsheet consult and training

$350 US

(email to purchase to ensure I am available at a time that works for you).
You can upgrade from either of the above plans at anytime.

Once you have made your purchase you will be redirected to the appropriate page to copy or download your spreadsheet. Email me if you are not properly redirected and I will follow up. Sometimes these things just do not work.

Please note – the above files are hosted in Google Drive. You can download the file into Excel but you may need to do some formatting once it is Excel format. I hope to release a stable Excel version soon as well. The advantage of working in Google Drive is I can offer occasional help right in the spreadsheet for quick fixes.

You may find a few errors in the spreadsheets – please let me know if you do.

With each of the packages above I can answer a few pro bono questions as you get started! Over the course of 2019 I will offer some webinar courses so we can review spreadsheet components together.

When working on the spreadsheet in Google Drive, click on the cell or area you have a question about and click CTRL-ALT-M to make a comment/ask a question. Tag @vancouverurbanmicro@gmail.com in the comment and I will be notified of the comment and will do my best to answer (this will depend how busy I am or how many other people I have had to interact with that day!)

Microgreens Crop Planner and Enterprise Budget Tool Overview

Here is a previous video on the Crop Planner specifically to show you how that works. It has changed since this version but this is still a really good overview to give you an idea of how it works.

Crop Planner Video 1

Crop Planner Video 2

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