Microgreens Crop and Financial Planner

Proper crop planning plays a huge role in the success of a microgreens operation. I am happy to to offer a powerful crop and financial planning spreadsheet tool for small- to mid-scale microgreens operations! I have developed this spreadsheet tool over ten years of microgreens production.

The Microgreens Crop and Financial Planner was totally revamped in September and October 2020 to be more powerful, more versatile, and more user friendly. And with the new Cash Flow table, this is the perfect business planning financial tool for microgreens.

Crop Planner Features

  • New, easier-to-use layout
  • Add single crops, mixes, and live trays to your orders
  • Collapsible sales summaries by crops, sizes, weights, and customers
  • Now accommodates three harvests each week
  • Collapsible sections for each week for simple viewing
  • Delivery summary for ease of customer order preparation
  • Autofill for delivery routes
  • “Tasks this week” page to keep you organized each week!
  • Expense calculations for growing medium, seeds, packaging, labour, and overhead costs
  • Specify soil, seeds, and packaging for each individual crop
  • Crop archive for storing inactive crops
  • Order autofill for the following week
  • Annual Cash Flow Table
  • Units conversion table
  • Price-by-Size-by-Yield Calculator
  • And much more!

Check out a Preview

Check out the pre-filled version online here to see what the spreadsheet looks like in action. Navigate all the sheets and see all the features!

Check out the spreadsheet tutorial videos here.

Purchase Options

Spreadsheet Only
$89.99 US

Pre-filled and blank spreadsheet with regular update newsletters and access to our Facebook Crop Planner group.

Spreadsheet and Consult
$350 US

I offer three-hour consults, over multiple sessions, to accompany the spreadsheet to help you go into to greater depth and get things set up for your season.

Please note the Crop Planner is a non-refundable product.