Microgreens Workshop


Whether you’re interested in starting and growing your own microgreens business or growing more for yourself at home, this workshop is the place to start!

Join microgreens expert Chris Thoreau for this multi-part video workshop on growing microgreens. The workshop includes video presentations, spreadsheets, screencasts, and various instructional and tutorial videos. See the outline below…

The workshop materials are currently available for only $149.00 US.

We are happy to now be partnering with Permaculture Voices to offer this workshop and other microgreens growing materials. Checkout other educational material there as well…

Read all the details and purchase the Workshop here at Permaculture Voices!

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E-mail if you have any questions! It may take me a while to reply as this is a busy time of year, so don’t be afraid to follow up on your inquiries!


Included in workshop material:

  1. Microgreens Training Outline
  2. 6 Workshop Presentations:
    1. Primary Components
    2. Infrastructure
    3. Regulations, Packaging, Labels, and Hygiene
    4. Production Process
    5. Crop Planning and Record Keeping
    6. Live workshop from Permaculture Voices Conference
      • March 2016 Updated version of workshop videos with live questions
  3. Crop Growing Strategies for specific crops (document files)
  4. Protocol Sheet Examples – For reference as you develop your own
  5. Random Production Videos – Many uploaded, more to come
  6. Canadian Regulatory Documents (relevant to US and other countries)
  7. YouTube Updates

Bonus Videos Included with the Course:

Microgreen Economics – Building and Maintaining a Profitable Business

Microgreens are an appealing crop due to their high value and minimal space requirements. But a successful business requires more than a valuable crop, and the appeal of a high-value product often blinds growers to the accompanying expenses and responsibilities. Building a sustainable microgreens production system takes time and attention to ensure it can establish and maintain profitability. In this talk, Chris Thoreau will explore the dynamics at play in building a microgreens business and share key factors for financial success.

Ensuring Product Integrity – Factors for Success in Intensive Microgreen Production

Whether you are growing microgreens in an urban or rural setting; full-time or part time; as a stand-alone business or integrated into your vegetable farm – the challenges are much the same. From seed to delivery, Chris Thoreau will share the principles, actions, and systems critical to the success of his urban microgreens operation. Now in its eighth year of production in, the Vancouver Food Pedalers production model is focused on ensuring product integrity from seed to delivery – a strategy that has cemented their reputation as one of North America’s most innovative small-scale microgreens producers. This talk will give you a set of principles and strategies transferable to all small-scale farming operations.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions or to purchase the workshop materials. Vancouverurbanmicro@gmail.com

9 thoughts on “Microgreens Workshop”

  1. Hi Chris, I purchased your online workshop…it is excellent and great value, highly recommend it. I have a question regarding the CFIA guidelines for sanitizing seed with hydrogen peroxide it say to use 6-10% for 10 minutes. But other online info is all saying 3%. Just wondering what you would use and if you make the 3% solution from 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide? Is sanidate just a brand name for hydrogen peroxide?

  2. Hey, i have taken the on line version, old version i guess, can i re-take the upcoming version? with the new content, thanks Mike Johnson, Buckhorn Lakes Farm, Montrose, Colorado, appraisals@montrose.net

    1. Hi Mike,

      Yes, I will be replacing the old content with the new content so current workshop subscribers will get the upgrade. Will be a good excuse to review the materials! In reviewing things so far I actually feel it’s very comprehensive, thigh the be version will be a little better quality and definitely have some add-ons. I’ll also be doing a whole new section on marketing and based on survey feedback will have a whole series of new material soon.


      1. Hey Chris,
        Thanks for lending your expertise to farmers like me who want to grow commercial microgreen farming. I’m looking to set up a small-scale business in Toronto for top tier chefs. Believe I can greatly benefit from your experience with the business side of things. Would love to connect, learn from you and be better positioned for success. Let me know what you this is best.
        Thanks so much,

        1. Hi Laura,

          Thanks for the email.

          Have you checked out my online workshop? https://www.permaculturevoices.com/product/microgreensonline/

          This is always the best place to start and the best use of your money! IF you are ready for next steps I do consults at $150/hour or 4-hour batches at $500 (we can spread the four hours over several sessions). I also have many free videos online on my YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/garlicpatch

          Business wise you should check out the Crop Planner page on the site as well: https://urbanmicro.ca/crop-planner/



  3. Hi Chris,

    Your microgreens workshop has been helpful. I have been running my trials, plan on being in full production by the end of spring. Please email me with any updates and upcoming webinars I really don’t want to miss out.

  4. Hello. I’m just wondering if the Microgreens Crop Planner and Enterprise Budget spreadsheet is included with the workshop, or if you sell it separately? Thanks!

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