Well, things are still moving, but definitely slowing down for the holidays.

We are going to have a brainstorming session this Thursday to start developing ideas for the working groups in January.  This will help get me out of my head a bit and start creating a more solid vision for carrying forward.

It looks like BOB may have access to some funding to carry this project forward for the next year, though this is still tentative.  We are hoping to put together a proposal this week to lay out the project and its timeline.  That would be a very nice gift as it may pay two of us for the next 6-12 months!

I am noticing a bit of a struggle I am having at the moment about the approach to this project.  Most urban ag. and farming projects have a real base in community while this project, as it currently stands now, has its base in business.  It is recently making me feel that it lacks integrity.  But as I reflect I can see that it does not since the business focus is there to ensure that these farms remain economically sustainable so they can continue to contribute to their communities.  Now I don’t have a business background and have never really taken the business approach myself so I think that moving into uncharted territory also makes it a bit stressful.

The feedback thus far has been pretty positive, so I am not sure why I feel this way.

One thing I notice is that because there is a business approach, it seems to be easier to et people’s attention.  When I am in conversation and asking for money or support, people seem to be able to see the bigger picture and to see that urban farming could really be a contributor to employment in this city and elsewhere.  And I think with that perspective we can get more support from the city.

Hopefully I hear this week about the OSDP grant we applied for.