Well, I am off and running with some research already.

One of my focuses right now is finding literature on urban farming as a business.  Found a few good academic papers as well as some urban farmer websites.  I am hoping to be able to contact other urban farmers and get an idea of their experience.  I may do an online survey and then follow up with some phone interviews.

I had a great meeting with someone from some group last week that I cannot yet talk about!  Hopefully that keeps you curious (who ever you is!).  It was a meetign that just gave me some momentum to carry forward and an idea of what the final result of this thesis may be.

It’s been interesting to see some of the universal challenges, such as business licensing and urban zoning.  Perhaps Vancouver will be able to set a good precedent in these areas.  But it’s also nice to see how many projects are actually out there.  I am curious to see what kind of incomes people are making!

OK, back to my 25-lb tomato sauce!