So I started prepping the sprout site for the season.  I’ll have a few changes this year, but nothing too drastic.

Today I rebuilt the prep table and built a permanent cover over it.  This will make it easier to maintain and much easier to work in adverse weather.  Additional cover will still need to be put up for harvests, but this makes tray prep very easy:

Next I will build some storage space so I can keep all my equipment at the site – including trailer sand coolers, which I used to take home each day.  I will also have a freezer on site for ice.

I have had about 25 applicants for my apprenticeship position which is a bit daunting!  I won’t be able to interview everyone, but going through the applications should be fun!  It’s a pretty good mix of applicants, but only 1 or 2 males applied – the rest are female.  Same thing happened last year.  I am still not sure why that is though. Probably for the better – men are pigs anyway…

I will have to find a new seed source this year as the company is out of the stock I used the past two years.  It was such good seed – whatever will I do?!  I am trialling an organic variety right now, but the seed was small so I am not optimistic.  It would be nice to use an organic seed but they are just so crummy!