Well I have really neglected this blog!

But I am happy to say that I have now secured my sunflower sprout site for another season which is a nice relief. And a bonus on top of that is even though I offered, I will not be charged any rent for the season.  That makes me happy!  Though I have to say that I kind of wanted to pay the rent so I could at least feel some security in that I was paying for site and service and thus had an alley for complaint if need be.

But most issues that have come up we have been able to resolve, so I am not too worried about this.  I will be using some electricity this year so will probably buy a tracking device and pay for that.  I need power for early and late season heat as well as a small freezer which I will keep on site this year.  I hope to run all my activities from the site so I do not have to move my coolers back and forth between another site, which gets a bit tedious.  I had been hoping to build a shed at the site, but so far that seems like it won’t happen as the manager is afraid it will attract a bit more attention than he would like to the site.