Ok, maybe it;s a bit dramatic to call it a situation, but…it’s raining.

Now rain is often a good thing for a race, except for two things in this case:

  • Rain could be snow in the alpine
  • I don’t like wet feet

Yup, drives me nuts to have wet feet. I think I’ll cope, but maybe grumpy for the rest of the day. And as for snow, well that would just be fucking awesome as far as I’m concerned. I tend to overheat during races and last year Whistler was an oven. So I hope the cooler weather helps me out a bit.

Official weight as of yesterday was 179 so about 12-14 lbs less than last year at this time. This is less of a factor than training and weather, to be honest, but should result in way more efficient energy use.

Ok, coffee and omelette time, then off to the Gondola…