Well, I have started taking apart the sprouting system to store it for the winter.  It was the first time I had been out to the set up in a fgew weeks and it felt pretty strange to not be growing sprouts!

As promised I have a video for you of me on my bike leaving the market for the last time.  Go to: http://www.vimeo.com/6868149 (be sure to turn down your volume before playing the video!).  I will also have some awesome pictures that a friend took one day at harvest so I will put together a little picture show as well.

I have yet to find anyone to build me a mechanical sprout harvester!  I presented the idea to an engineering class about to embark on year-long projects but had no takers.  I have one other approach I can take and if that does not work I guess I am stuck with the machete. I don’t mind.  I mean by this point I am the sunflower sprout samurai.  But the mechanical system would allow me to harvest sprouts at the market which would be a great display.  We’ll see what we can do!